New mall manager bodes well for city

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 4, 2003

There’s nothing we love more than a positive story about someone succeeding in Selma.

And when that person is a young professional who wants to work in this community and make it better, then the story is that much more engaging.

When Selma Mall hired Carver Boynton to be its general manager, it was a good step for Selma, Boynton and the mall. Boynton is a native. Her roots in this community go deep. Her grandmother, Amelia, played a role in the Civil Rights movement and Sam and Amelia Boynton ran an insurance company in Selma and encouraged others to open small businesses.

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Carver Boynton was considering taking a job overseas and leaving our town. Before it was time to pack and update the visa, Boynton got a call from someone who wanted her to stay. That call came from Selma Mayor James Perkins Jr.

Perkins knows that Selma is losing too many talented young people. And he felt like Boynton’s case was a situation where he could reverse that trend. The mayor encouraged Boynton to stay and consider the opportunity at the mall.

And Boynton did.

Being a successful mayor in a small Southern town requires much more than administrating. It requires caring about people and caring about the town. Perkins didn’t have to pick up the phone and make that call. He could have let Boynton move on and no one would have faulted him.

But Perkins took action, as he’s done many other times in similar situations. Often these seemingly small acts go unnoticed and unreported, because Perkins doesn’t seek credit for such. But those small acts of caring and concern can add up and make a difference.

We want to wish Boynton well in her new role. She brings a blend of professionalism and enthusiasm that should serve her well in the job.

We also want to thank Mayor Perkins for picking up the phone and making that call.