Thoughts on basketball, baseball and other stuff

Published 12:00 am Friday, January 24, 2003

There a lot of people out there who will tell you opinions are like, well you know what I am saying. The thing is that I don’t care what anyone says everyone has an opinion on everything, even if they wont tell you about it.

I am one of those lucky people that gets to voice their opinion, and guess what I do have one on just about everything.

Let’s start with college basketball, and when I say college basketball I mean Auburn and Alabama.

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The Tide is one of those teams that is unstoppable at home, but can’t buy a win on the road. They have proven this fact four times this season already. Now I know that Mark Gottfried got his job for a reason, and I don’t look for the University of Alabama to hire me as their head coach anytime soon, but if I had one of the best big men in the country on my team I believe that I would try and get him the ball a little more often.

I had the pleasure of attending the Auburn-Alabama game in Auburn last weekend, and during the first half of the game the Tide only tried to move the ball inside one time that I can remember. I look at it this way if you try to work the ball in the paint you are at least going to draw the foul if you don’t get the basket, and if your outside shot isn’t falling wouldn’t that be a smart move. Well that’s just my opinion.

Auburn basketball is a little different story. The Tigers have done well this season when they were picked to poorly, and that makes anything they do look like icing on the cake. Now how long they can continue to do well is the question after all they are playing in the toughest conference in the country.

They dropped their first real test of the season Wednesday night against Kentucky, because they could not maintain the momentum down the stretch. If this problem continues to plague the Tigers they will have a long end to what started as a bright season.

Now let’s talk baseball, and what the Selma has to look forward to this summer.

First off there should be no shortage of baseball for any area residents. We will have the Cloverleafs and the Selma Toros both coming back for their sophomore seasons.

The Cloverleafs will be bringing back some of the old familiar faces from last season, and a whole lot more excitement. They have added new corporate sponsors to the league as a whole, and look for more corporate nights at the ball park.

The Toros bring something to Selma that no one else can offer. They bring a amateur league that gives you

chance to see people from right here in Selma play ball. So in essence you could have a chance to see your next door neighbor play baseball at Bloch Park.

There are not to many other towns in the area that offer professional baseball on a hometown level, and we are lucky to have it right here in Selma. So get out there this summer and support your local teams.