Boyfriend allegedly steals from Unicel

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 22, 2003

A Selma man was sent to the Dallas County jail after being arrested for theft of property first degree.

Eddie Edwards of Selma, 30, was arrested by the Selma Police Department Jan. 19 for allegedly taking cash and some checks from a Unicel store on Highland Ave.

According to Warren Hinson, Public Information Officer for the police department, two employees of Unicel were counting money to deposit in the bank on the evening of Jan. 16 when a boyfriend of one of the workers entered the store.

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Hinson said that after entering the store Edwards allegedly grabbed the checks and cash before running out.

However, since Edwards was known to both employees he was easily identified.

Hinson said that Edwards left the store in one of the employee’s cars &045;&045; a car that had been lent to him earlier.

Edwards’ girlfriend then contacted the police to let them know she didn’t want Edwards using her car.

Hinson said that Edwards bond was set at $7500.