Flu shuts-down Meadowview Christian

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Snow isn’t the only thing that can shut down schools this time of year.

Last Friday, Meadowview Christian School closed its doors due to a bad case of the flu.

According to Principal Steve Morgan, about 130 students were absent on Thursday. In some classes, Morgan said, only one or two students were present.

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Angie Washburn, ninth grade literature teacher, said she only had one student in her class on Thursday. Because of attendance, she said, she couldn’t do much teaching that day.

In addition, Washburn added, the student felt a little strange being the only one in the classroom.

Classrooms like Washburn’s led the school board to its decision of shutting Meadowview’s doors on Friday.

Morgan said that signs of the virus began showing up on Wednesday with high numbers of absentees.

At the beginning of last week, Morgan said, there were around eighty students absent. Thursday, around a third of the student body was out sick.

Morgan said the biggest concern was what the parents were going to do.

He added that to make sure everyone knew about the closing a radio station was contacted in addition to the school calling those absent and sending notes home with students.

The strain of the flu that hit Meadowview, Morgan said, was very contagious, and didn’t limit itself to students. Morgan himself had to spend a day in bed because of the flu.

Morgan said his fever only lasted 24 hours and a cough was the only lingering reminder of his sick day.

Some students and at least one parent had to visit the hospital due to dehydration, he said.

Morgan advised those ill with the flu to follow their doctor’s instructions. He also suggested flu sufferers to drink lots of liquids.

A representative of Vaughan Regional Medical Center said that there really wasn’t anything that could be done to prevent catching the flu except to stay away from those who had it.

She added that symptoms are varied and can include headaches, coughing, fevers and aches all over.