Look at Selma through other eyes

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 14, 2003

There is a part of Selma that isn’t seen very often. It’s Selma as seen through the eyes of the visitors to the area &045;&045; most recently, a group of 17 journalists from around the nation and the United Kingdom, who visited the city as part of the National Civil Rights trail.

And, to be perfectly honest, they’re delighted with it.

He had no idea about all that Selma contained – and he didn’t just mean the civil rights history. He was also talking about the historic district, the overall appearance of the town, how nice the people are. In his eyes, there were a lot of good things about Selma.

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Sometimes, it’s easy to be discouraged about Selma. After all, it’s easy to look at the city with anything less than rose-colored glasses. It’s always easy to talk about what’s wrong with the city than what’s right about it.

And there are a lot of things right about Selma. But, when you live here, it’s easy to get caught in the constant conflict and strife that exists here. But, conflict and strife are not unique to Selma.

It is in every single community, every single town from Slapout, Alabama to New York City, New York and places in between.

That’s what makes each place so unique.

But, at times, it also colors your perception about the place you live.

Sometimes, try looking at Selma through the eyes of these journalists and other tourists who visit the area.

Go around this city as if you had never set foot over the Edmund Pettus bridge before.

You’d be surprised at how much is right about Selma.

And the good things is the reason why people are fighting so hard to preserve Selma and to build it up further.

It is a cause worth fighting for.