Smith retiring from city after 25 years

Published 12:00 am Sunday, January 12, 2003

The city of Selma is looking for a new city clerk.

This is because Jackie Smith, current Selma city clerk, has tendered her resignation after 25 years of service with the city. Her last day on the job will be Jan. 31.

Smith’s plans are to move over to the private sector, and she admitted with a smile that there are already some job offers on the table.

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Smith took on the responsibilities of being the city clerk in 1997, but her journey to that position began in 1978.

While a student at Wallace Community College, Smith saw a job posting for a part time position as a clerk in the payroll department. Thinking that she’d like to apply for the position, she called a friend of hers at Snelling and Snelling, an employment service in Selma, and asked if he knew anything about the job.

Smith said that her friend sent her application to city hall, and after the personnel committee reviewed it, she was called in for an interview. She got the job.

For 11 years she helped the purchasing agent with bids on items like police cars and fuel, and the typing or filling out of forms for the city clerk at the time, Hugh Wall.

In 1989, Smith said that an opening appeared, and this prompted personnel director Randall Miller and Mayor Joe Smitherman to approach Smith about the position of administrative assistant in personnel.

Her new duties included processing and recruiting new employees and handling employee benefits.

Smith stayed as administrative assistant in personnel until 1996, she said, when some members of a newly appointed city council approached her about the city treasurer-assistant city clerk position.

Smith said that she took about a week to think about the offer.

Smith accepted the job and started the task of controlling and investing municipal funds. Smith also was responsible for receipting, or depositing every dime that came into Selma’s coffers.

Smith worked as the city treasurer/assistant city clerk until a November 1997 misappropriation of funds scandal. Smith added that after the city clerk at the time was terminated, she was immediately promoted to the position of city clerk.

Smith said that she was a bit overwhelmed, but added that she had the mayor and city council’s support in addition to all the people working in the city clerk’s office to help her out. With all those people willing to help her, Smith said, the job became much easier.

Smith’s duties as city clerk include all accounts payable, or spending the city’s funds. Also, the city clerk is responsible for working with both the mayor and city council and keeping them informed on day-to-day activities.

As city clerk, Smith also attends all council meetings and keeps the official record of those meetings in addition to being responsible for city elections.

Smith said that she was going to miss all the people that she’s worked with over the years, and wanted to thank all those who have helped her.