Education is first

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 9, 2003

For Southside’s Waters, 3.2 is better than 23 ppg

By Kevin Bush / Selma Times – Journal

You meet a lot of athletes these days that participate in sports for the chance to play at the pro level, and make the big money that everyone dreams of. The athlete that you rarely meet these days is the on that plays the game for the chance at a college scholarship, and the education that comes with it.

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Nelson Waters is a basketball player that has his head glued on straight, and realizes that very few college athletes get the chance to play at the pro level, but an education is something that last a lifetime.

Waters began his career at a young age. He began playing basketball at the YMCA when he was in the third grade, and started playing in school when he was in the sixth grade. Waters now averages 23 points a game for the Southside Panthers, and has started since he was in the ninth grade.

Waters is a senior who maintains a 3.2 GPA, and has several division one schools who are interested in him.

Nelson admits that his approach towards the game of basketball might have been less than perfect at times, but strong family support has helped get to where he is today.

Even Waters head coach had trouble describing Waters work ethic and style of play.

Waters has his head in the right place, and his game is almost unstoppable this young rising star might get to the bonus round, and play at the pro level one day.