New year sends people heading to the gym

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 8, 2003

The begining of every new year is a time when people all across the country start making promises to improve their bad habits. The most common resolution made each year is to lose weight and get in shape.

The effects of this type of resolution can be seen around Selma and Dallas County as local gyms begin seeing an increase in enrollment.

Carol Harris, manager of the Vaughan Wellness and Fitness Center, said she usually sees an increase in people joining at the begining of the year.

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While most of these new members have good intentions, Harris said, few accomplish their goal.

To encourage people to keep their resolutions, the center is offering specials, such as waiving the $50 enrollment fee for Janurary, and getting new equipment in order to entice people to continue coming to the gym.

Kevin O’Shields, who works at Body Builders on Citizen’s Parkway, said the gym has not seen an increase in use yet, but he expects more people will show up by the end of the month.

While gyms may start losing customers as people give up on their resolutions, they more than make up for it after the weather gets warmer.

O’Shields also agreed, saying the need to look good at the beach &045; or perhaps the fear of looking really, really bad at the beach &045;&045; drives a lot of people back to the gyms.

For those determined not to give up on their weight loss goals, Harris said it’s important that people make exercise a part of their daily routine.

One reason people may give up on their goal so quickly is because they do not immediately notice any changes.

By that time, a New Year’s resolution may be long forgotten.