Twas the night befor Christmas

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Twas the night before Christmas, and not a creature was stirring not even a mouse. Well let’s take a look at the night before Christmas, there is always football on the tube and some body is bouncing that round ball somewhere. So lets get over that it’s quiet everywhere nonsense.

If you like sports trust me you’re going to find something somewhere to watch. I don’t care if its little girls jumping rope (well maybe that’s not so healthy), you’re going to find something sports related to watch on TV.

Sports are something that most of us guys can agree on, we all like sports. If you don’t your not American. Even those neighbors of ours overseas watch that game they call football. I just don’t get it though if there are no pads and helmets, and somebody is not getting hit every 10 seconds I don’t see how they can call it football. Unless they are referring to the fact that they run around kicking a little spotted ball with their feet.

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But I digress. Sports are fun to watch, and they have all the drama of a good movie if you know how to watch for it.

Let’s take football for instance. You have two teams with 11 players on each side both out to accomplish the same goal &uot;score more points than the other team.&uot; What’s the difference in that than any classic love story, action thriller, or comedy? If you watch the game long enough you are going to see someone get their heart broke. This usually takes place when one team takes the ball away from the other team, or when someone gets hit in the wrong spot. You get your action thriller when you see one of the teams, score a touchdown or make the big play. Comedy comes around when you see someone take make the stupid mistake of running the wrong way, or when the teams do those silly little end zone dances they love to do.

So the next time your better half tells you she doesn’t want to watch the game, that she would rather watch &uot;Steel Magnolias or Sleepless in Seattle&uot; explain to her why she should watch the game with you. Remember plead your case well on the fact that it is just lick a movie. When she smacks you, and tells you to get out of the bedroom just head to the den, and watch the big game anyway.