Mayor’s aide to join Davis staff

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Tammy Maul will be leaving the mayor’s office in the new year.

Maul, an assistant to Mayor James Perkins Jr., will join Artur Davis’ staff at his new office in Selma as a constituent service specialist.

Maul said that in her new position she’ll be handling immigration and Social Security concerns among others.

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Corey Ealons, deputy chief of staff at Davis’ campaign headquarters in Birmingham, said that a constituent service specialist is someone that handles issues as they apply to specific constituents.

Ealons added that Carolyn Powell and Kobi Little, the other staffers at Davis’ Selma office, will join Maul on the front lines. Powell will be full time, like Maul, while Little will be the part time deputy district director for the Dallas County region.

Ealons said that someone in Maul’s role will serve as a mediator between a government agency and a constituent. Constituent service specialists, he said, will be in a position to solve whatever problems a constituent might have.

Ealons said that office doors will open sometime after Jan. 7, and that an official open house will be scheduled sometime in January.