It’s in writing: City has no annexing plans

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 24, 2002

The city of Selma wants people to know that they’re not planning on annexing Valley Grande. And they’re putting it in writing.

At Monday’s City Council meeting Mayor James Perkins Jr. said that he wanted to publicize the city’s position on the issue, and he presented a resolution stating as much to the council.

Councilwoman Nancy Sewell said that the council had been verbally saying what the resolution says all along.

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Now, however, it’s in writing.

Councilwoman Bennie Ruth Crenshaw said that the resolution goes beyond what the council needed to do. She added that she didn’t like the idea of being locked in, but that she’d go along with it.

Crenshaw also said the resolution wouldn’t solve anything, and wouldn’t stop Valley Grande residents from incorporating.

President George Patrick Evans said that he thought it might help sway some people into not voting for incorporation. At that point, Evans said, everyone could return to the discussion table and talks could begin anew.

Valley Grande is scheduled to vote on whether or not to incorporate on Jan. 9.

The resolution was then voted on and passed six to two. Councilwoman Jean Martin wasn’t present.

In other matters the council:

A vote on the council being supportive of Donaldson’s request passed unanimously.

Crenshaw said that the discussions were bordering on an executive session, and Sewell requested that the council enter a brief executive session after the council meeting.

A vote on entering executive session after the council meeting passed six to zero with one abstention.