Artur Davis making good first impression

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 17, 2002

When people are trying to get to Washington as an elected official, they often say they want to be your congressman. They make promises and they smile a lot.

And one day they get elected.

Then we as voters hope that they don’t forget us. We hope they don’t get caught up in the sweeping winds of Washington and forget about the common folks back here in Alabama.

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And if they do forget about us, we can always bring them back home. For good.

That said, this newspaper is very impressed with Congressman-elect Artur Davis. Davis’ approach to his job is professional and refreshing. He gives many indications that he will not forget those who voted him into office or why his job exists.

We may get some real representation from Mr. Davis and that’s something to get excited about. Davis doesn’t even officially have the job of congressman, yet he was in Selma over the weekend setting up an office here and establishing others across the Black Belt region.

Davis even went to Camden last week to show support for an upstart chamber of commerce in that town.

It appears that Davis wants to really understand this area and that he has a real commitment to make it better. Davis has the opportunity display a missing style of representation and he appears to realize this.

We also like where he stands on issues. He appears to be someone who sees both sides of an issue and is able to offer progressive leadership and views.

Davis is off to a good start. No one can deny his enthusiasm for the job or his commitment to succeed at it.

We want to thank him for the nice start. They say first impressions are important, and Davis seems committed to making a good impression.

The Black Belt region will prosper if he maintains this type of enthusiasm.