Hunters need to protect their sport

Published 12:00 am Sunday, December 15, 2002

Deer hunting is one of our area’s strongest attractions. The Black Belt region offers excellent deer hunting opportunities and people from across the nation come here to deer hunt every year.

Because deer hunting is a popular activity and could even be called an industry, it is important that we protect the sport of deer hunting. Recently hunters have been accused of discarding deer remains along the roadsides in Wilcox County.

Bloody and gutted animal carcasses have been found along the roads in the county, creating a health threat.

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This gives hunting a black eye. The sight of deer carcasses along a roadside is a sight many of us don’t care to see.

Because of a few sloppy hunters or poachers, the sport of deer hunting receives a bad name. Situations like this give anti-hunting groups ammunition. Anti-hunting organizations are already motivated enough. Hunters should be sharp enough not to give these groups added motivation.

Wilcox County officials say they are working to catch the culprits. We support their efforts and ask all hunters to act responsibly this season.

Weaver Safety makes good move

By Staff Reports / Selma Times – Journal

Weaver Safety making good move

Weaver Safety Service is making plans to move into the old Goodyear building on Broad Street.

Owner Tommy Johnson says he is

making the move because of the high visibility of the location. The building does rest in a busy intersection. Johnson says the number of cars passing his business at the new location has the potential to help his business grow.

For too long, the Goodyear building has stood vacant, its windows boarded up and parking lot empty.

It will be good to see commerce taking place here again. We hope the move works out well for Johnson and his business. Having an active business at this location will certainly improve the appearance of Selma.