Determination is the key

Published 12:00 am Friday, December 13, 2002


That’s what it takes to make it far in the sport of basketball. Putting in lots of hours at practice, going over plays, attending camps and tournaments, and participating in games is only the beginning of the hard work and perseverance it takes to be successful in this sport. If anyone could be described as being determined, it’s Robert Allen Jr.

Growing up in a family where basketball is played by everyone, Allen has learned to enjoy basketball. To him, basketball is not just a sport to play, but a hobby to enjoy as well.

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Allen, who has played basketball since he was five years old, is a senior point guard on the Selma High School Varsity basketball team. He averages 13 points, two rebounds, seven assists, and two steals a game.

Allen acknowledges that he had lots of help getting to the point where he is now in his basketball career.

Allen, who maintains a 4.01 grade point average, has major plans for his future, as well. He hopes to attend Temple University and major in business and finance. Allen intends to play college division basketball, wherever he attends, and has hopes that he might be drafted by a professional team.

Besides balancing schoolwork and basketball, Allen is also an active member in various school clubs, such as the African Knights and Mu Alpha Theta. This past summer, he played basketball for the American Amateur Union. He also actively participates in various summer camps, such as the Adidas Blue Chip Camp, where he was part of the first team, The Nike All-Star Camp, and the Prep Star Camp.

Allen was presented with an award for best free throw percentage and best three-point percentage at both the Adidas Blue Chip Camp and the Nike All-Star Camp.

Despite Allen’s basketball prowess and success, he remains humble and quickly acknowledges the help that he has had throughout his life.