Party Dogs

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 11, 2002

On Saturday, Coco Chanel Ballard had her fifth birthday party.

Many of her friends and relatives came.

There was one table ladened with cake and food, the other with gifts for the birthday girl.

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There was a third table set in the back with food and drinks for the humans as well.

The humans?

Coco is a purebred Boston Terrier, born Dec. 8, 1997 in Orange Beach. Her original owner was Jack Harrison Ballard.

For her birthday celebration this year, her owner, Ouida Ballard, decided to throw her a special birthday party.

Ballard said she got the idea after attending another birthday party thrown for a dog in Mobile last year. However, they needed to find the items to be able to throw a dog party.

But, some of the items came from right here in Selma, including the special cake made out of dog food.

The bakery, actually, barkery, is Sophie’s Barkery, located on Dallas Avenue.

The barkery creates gourmet dog cookies that are freshly baked and contain no salt, sugar, chemicals, animal fat, or preservatives.

Sophie’s Barkery also have gift boxes and baskets available.

Along with the cake, there was special dog ice cream, cakes, crossaints and cookies.

That one was for the humans.

Guests at the party include Jake Hollis, Tocco Porter, Queenie Clark, Bo Taylor, Gracie Gamble, Gee Gee McNeil and Cuddles Putzel, along with their owners.

Many of Coco’s &uot;aunts&uot; and &uot;uncles&uot; came as well as Coco’s vet, Dr. Youngblood, his wife and their dog.

Ballard said she does not think this will be the last dog birthday party to be held in Selma.

For those interested in wanting to throw their own birthday party for their dogs, here is a party planner courtesy of

Simple dog themes include Blue’s Clues, Scooby Doo and Clifford, the Big Red Dog.