Tourism is Selma’s silent industery

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 10, 2002

It could be said that tourism is the silent industry in Selma.

Tourism does not produce a tangible product like a sheet of paper or a Bush Hog cutter, but it does produce revenue and jobs for our town.

George “Cap” Swift is a big promoter of tourism in Selma. Swift operates the Visitor Information Center and it is amazing to talk to him and learn just how many people visit our city every day and where they are from.

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Selma hosts more than 15,000 international tourists a year, according to Swift. Most are from Canada but others come from as far away as Africa and Vietnam.

Locals often ask, “Why do they come here?”

We think it is because of the history Selma offers. The biggest attraction is the Edmund Pettus Bridge. This bridge is world famous and is a symbol of freedom around the world.

The historical districts are another attraction. So are our museums.

We need to always be aware that visitors are here. Swift says that visitors who have good experiences in a town tell others and that leads to more tourism.

Living here daily, we cannot see Selma as a visitor can. We need to remember this and keep a positive perspective regarding tourism and its value to our town.

Working together can help stop crime

By staff Reports / Selma Times – Journal

Tonight a group of Selma-area citizens will meet at city hall to discuss the formation of a Crime Stoppers project.

We support the efforts of those organizing the meeting. Close to 400 invitations were sent out asking people to attend the meeting. We hope there is a good turnout.

Selma, like many cities, needs a visible crime prevention project like Crime Stoppers. When business owners, police, and citizens come together to reduce crime, crime is usually reduced.

We support the efforts of Crime Stoppers and encourage the formation of a Crime Stoppers program in Dallas County.