Bowers pleads guilty to abuse

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 5, 2002

Raymond Bowers of Selma pleaded guilty to two charges of sexual abuse in the second degree on Tuesday.

Bowers, a former teacher at both Tipton Junior High and Southside High, received two years of supervised probation and one year to serve. According to the district attorney’s office, this means that if Bowers makes one mistake while on probation then he will go to jail for a year.

In addition, Bowers will have to complete sexual counseling and register as a sex offender.

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According to the district attorney’s office, there were originally six charges against Bowers. The state dropped four of those once Bowers pleaded guilty to the two sexual abuse charges.

The district attorney’s office said that last week Judge Jack Meigs called for a docket. This is the time when any problems with the case are examined. However, the district attorney’s office said, there were no problems and both sides were ready for trial.

On Tuesday the district attorney’s office had brought in witnesses and mothers to the grand jury room. Teachers were on standby in case they were needed. An expert witness, a counselor who had been talking to girls allegedly abused by Bowers, was also available.

Because of the capital murder trial of Jermaine English, a jury pool wasn’t ready until Tuesday, said the district attorney’s office.