Stocks finally resurging

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 3, 2002

It isn’t the roaring ’90s but the stock market could be ready to advance again.

Tommy Boyd, financial advisor with A. G. Edwards & Sons, believes factors are prevalent for a recovery mode.

Boyd said October and November have proven to be excellent months over the long haul and he feels good despite a bearish period over the past 31 months.

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Boyd said there were three things that have contributed to the market’s recovery. The first, said Boyd, is that the market recognized a recovery economy, something which has made the economy that much stronger.

Boyd said a second factor is the elimination of the double taxation of dividends.

Explained Boyd, &uot;The corporation pays a tax on the profits they make while the shareholder also pays a tax on the same dollar. This has improved the overall health of the market, contributing to the improvement.&uot;

The third factor, said Boyd, is that this has been the most positive season for stocks, a season that Boyd said has proven to be extremely good.

Boyd said that despite the stock market improving, he was very cautious about the bond market.