Pipeline workers have ripple effect

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 26, 2002

There are many in Selma working to bring new industry and jobs that will boost the economy. That work can often lead to new companies and new stores.

And sometimes good economic news just falls in our laps. A good example is the pipeline crew working in the Selma area. Selma is temporarily benefiting from ripple effect of 500 good-paying jobs in the community.

In the case of the pipeline crews, this is an economic benefit that has been hard for us to see. Because the crews don’t consist of local workers, we don’t know little about them or what they are doing.

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There are about 475 workers stationed here to lay the pipeline north of Highway 22. They began arriving in late summer and will be here into next spring. They work long hours and work six days a week.

Many of them are doing their shopping in Selma. They are using our restaurants and merchants to meet their needs. The economic impact of these dollars flowing into the local economy is favorable and comes during a period where spending and retail sales usually climb.

Our leaders often say they will take good economic news wherever they can get it. With this philosophy in mind, we need to recognize the Murphy Brothers pipeline crews as a good thing. Our merchants should work hard to make shopping and using our facilities convenient for them. They have little spare time and probably appreciate good service and fast service.

The economic impact of the crews will be fleeting. Eventually, the pipeline will move on to the next town.

In the meantime, we need to welcome these visitors to our town and make them feel welcome.