Police find malnourished pit bull dogs

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 21, 2002

After responding to a call at 1274 King’s Bend Rd. Monday night, the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department found something, which Sgt. Randy Tucker of the K-9 unit described as &uot;extremely cruel.&uot;

During the investigation of the house, Tucker said deputies found four pit bulls as well as a raccoon that were malnourished.

Tucker said deputies also found the owner of the house, Anthony Edwards, 22, dragging one of the pit bulls on a leash.

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The Sheriff’s Department arrested Edwards, charging him with cruelty to dogs second degree.

The raccoon, which Tucker said had not been vaccinated for rabies, was confiscated by the State Fishing and Gaming Department.

Tucker said a case of cruelty to pit bulls occurred in April, where a juvenile in Marion Junction was charged with dog fighting, after two dogs were found injured. One animal was put to sleep.

Despite the typical perception of pit bulls, Tucker, who owns a pit bull, said the pit bull was not the problem.