Parental involvement lifts Southside test scores

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 21, 2002

For Southside High School Principal Gary Crum, it still may not be enough, but it &uot;definitely means a lot.&uot;

During the Alabama Graduation Exam in September, Crum said 51 percent of the students passed all parts of the exam, an 18 percentage point increase from last year.

Altogether, said Crum, 67 students passed.

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Students, said Crum, also took a lot more pride in their institution than ever before, which, he said, made students &uot;focus more thoroughly on the exam.&uot;

Besides students putting forth a greater effort, parents also played a significant role.

There was, he said, an increase in attendance at Parent Teacher’s Organization meetings, which, he said, caused an increase &uot;in children’s self esteem.&uot;

For Crum, however, &uot;it is still not enough.&uot;

Students who did not pass the test will get other opportunities during the school year.