Craig still a gem that benefits Selma

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 20, 2002

For some, the glory days of Craig Field came prior to late 1970s. That was when Craig closed down as an air force base.

Some people left Selma.

Others stayed.

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Many think of it as the good old days.

And it can be again.

Craig Field has a lot of potential to draw manufacturing companies and other industry to Selma.

As stated by Wayne Vardaman, Selma is highly competitive in the fight to bring tier-one and tier-two industries that supply parts for Hyundai to this part of the state.

This was shown by the trip Mayor James Perkins, Jr. made last month to Korea to pitch Selma to potential industries.

Craig is also an excellent recreation facility.

It boast a beautiful golf course, which many local residents take advantage of on a good weekend.

And while the air force is no long there, Meadowcraft, Louisiana Pacific and Raytheon are still there.

And new industries are being added every day.

Craig Field is a good place to locate.

It is on Highway 80, with easy access to Montgomery.

Selma is just a five minute drive away, with a work force ready and willing to work for any industry that comes out there.

Yes, Craig might seem to be fading at the first glance.

After all, it will never be the way it was when it served as an air force base.

But, look again.

Look harder.

Then you’ll see that Craig is thriving, with new industries quickly joining the ones already out there.

It is growing into its own identity, free from its original concept.

In this economically-depressed time, that is a rare thing.