Let’s keep spirit of Pray Selma! alive

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 13, 2002

A most unusual event took place in Selma Tuesday. Hundreds of citizens both here and in other cities in neighboring states came together to pray for this city.

While certainly it is not unusual for people in this country to pray, the scope of what took place Tuesday would have to be considered very unusual by any standard.

Hundreds of people here joined in what one participant called &uot;a wall of prayer.&uot; That’s a strong visual image of what took place here. Some of those people were residents of Selma. Many more traveled here for the express purpose of being part of Pray Selma!, as the event was called.

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Hundreds more in other cities in Alabama and across the South set aside time Tuesday specifically to pray for Selma.

No matter what faith you profess &045;&045; the participants of Pray Selma! were Christians of all different denominations &045;&045; it is encouraging to think that such a large number of people can still come together for such a positive and powerful purpose.

The participants moved in teams throughout the city, praying at businesses, at public places and even on street corners. Most wore badges, identifying them as Pray Selma! participants. Occasionally, they were greeted by residents and business owners who asked that they be included in those prayers.

As a newspaper, we deal in observable, verifiable facts. We report on the actions taken by the City Council, on arrests and convictions. It is difficult to know how to measure, or to report, the ultimate impact of such a subjective undertaking.

But we also recognize that there is an undeniable spiritual dimension to life in Selma, as there is in any city. We applaud those who helped organize the Pray Selma! effort.

Perhaps the most lasting changes effected by the day’s activities will be those that took place within the hearts and minds of both those who took part and those who supported their efforts.

We as a city would do well to keep the spirit of this day alive in our own hearts and minds.