Dallas County looks forward to playing at home

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 7, 2002

Dallas County vs.

St. James

The Dallas County Hornets host St. James in the first round of the 4A playoffs Friday night in what should be a war. The Hornets have been tested in their last two games losing to Demopolis, and squeaking out a win last week over 5A Pleasant Grove.

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St. James comes into the game with a 6-3 record overall, and 4-3 in the region. Dallas County comes in with a 9-1 record overall, and a 6-1 record in the region. Even though Dallas County has the better record going into the game St. James is not a team to be taken lightly.

The Hornets are well coached, and have played as a team all year. With no one person willing to take credit for any of the accomplishments they have achieved during the season. They have played as a complete unit with every person doing their part for the team.

The Hornets go into the game optimistic that they will end up in Birmingham playing for a championship in a couple of weeks.

Dallas County takes on St. James Friday night in Plantersville at 7:30.

Selma High vs.

Opelika High

The Saints made it by the skin of their teeth, they’re going to the playoffs. The sad thing is they take on 10-0 Opelika in the first round. The thing about the playoffs is that everyone starts over. So both of these teams have equal footing in the eyes of everyone, well almost everyone.

Opelika seems to be the team to beat at this point, but wouldn’t it be crazy if the Saints could go in, and play ball like a lot of people think they are capable of, and knock off this number one seed. That would quiet all of the doubters out there, and give the Saints the boost that they have needed all year.

The bad thing is that Opelika didn’t get to be 10-0 by being a team that could be easily knocked off. The Saints will have to perform at a level that they have not been able to achieve all year, and that could pose a slight problem.

Selma High has a chance, and no one should count them out. How they got to the playoffs is irrelevant, that they got there and what they do with their shot is all that matters.

Hooper Academy vs. Wilcox Academy

The Wildcats are back in the playoffs again in what many thought would be a rebuilding year for them. Only losing two games this year, they have been very impressive even pulling the big upset over Monroe Academy.

They have been well coached this year, and it has shown in what they have been able to accomplish. Phillip Merryman is ranked fifth in the AISA in return yards with 325, and as a whole the team has played well this year.

The Wildcats will have their hands full going on the road this week to take on Hooper in the first round of the Playoffs. Hooper will be ready for a fight after they dropped their game last week. But don’t count out the Wildcats, they will be prepared and ready for the big game.

This one should be a barn burner, and all the Wildcat fans should enjoy it.