STJ endorses Parker for Senate

Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 3, 2002

Alabamians have a chance Tuesday to make sure they are better represented in Washington

They have an opportunity to send someone to Washington who undeniably works hard and has a strong connection to many of Alabama’s working families.

That person is Susan Parker, and we think she would make an excellent U.S. Senator.

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Parker is one who grew up on a small farm in Eva. She worked on the family farm until she was 16. She is someone who knows what it’s like to start out in life with little and work hard to accomplish more. She was a working student and earned four degrees over 13 years, including a doctorate in education.

Naturally, Parker believes education must be improved if people are going to better themselves. She realizes that education eventually brings economic development and success. The Black Belt region would be well served with that type of thinking.

In 1998, Parker was elected as Alabama’s state auditor. Her work in this position has been solid. She made a plan to get state agencies audited and has accomplished what she wanted to do.

Parker’s track record of setting goals and making things happen is what impresses us. We see her as someone who can go to Washington and represent Alabama, not a political party, during votes on key issues.

Jeff Sessions, Parker’s Republican opponent, has for too long stayed close to the Republican party line and worked in the shadows of Richard Shelby.

Susan Parker represents a change for Alabama in the Senate. We believe she can represent what Alabama is and can make an impact in the United States Senate. We see her as someone who will make an agenda, follow it, and that agenda will benefit broad spectrum of people.

We urge voters to allow Parker to work hard for them in the Senate for the next six years.