Sports store opens

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 31, 2002

Tommy Wagner comes from a line of shoe people. His family has owned and operated Wagoner shoes for decades, starting first in Tuscaloosa and branching out over Alabama.

Wagner’s is no longer around, but the service he provides is. Wagner opened his third Athlete’s Foot store Wednesday in the Winn Dixie shopping center on Highland Avenue.

His other two stores operate out of Tuscaloosa and Dempolis.

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Wagner, a board certified pedorthist, prides himself on the wide variety of stock he carries and the way he can cater to customer’s specific needs.

Even though there have been some business that have left the area, Wagner said that this did not deter him from opening a store here.

While they mainly specialize in athletic and comfort shoes, Wagner said that they also carry safety-toe shoes and other types geared toward people who have foot problems.

The shoes range around $45 to $175 for adults and they carries sizes infant 0 through men’s 18.

Part of the customer service that Wagner prides upon is the FitPrint System, a state of the art computer system that provides a detailed anylsis of the foot. This enables customers to find out if they need a special type of shoe and other information such as where they place most of their pressure, what type of feet they have, etc.

This enables Wagner and his salespeople to make sure that customers are outfitted with the right type of shoes for them.

The store will be managed by Dakhalfani Boyd, who has been working for Wagner in his Tuscaloosa store for six years.