Democrats ‘victory’ tour stops here

Published 12:00 am Monday, October 28, 2002

There is another side to politicking beyond the ugly television ads and the mudslinging and the acrimonious debates.

It’s the good old-fashioned handshaking, baby-kissing side. It’s speaking to a small gathering of supporters early Sunday morning in Selma at the Carl C. Morgan Jr. Convention Center, which is what Gov. Don Siegelman and a busload of Democratic candidates did as part of their &uot;Road to Victory&uot; bus tour.

It was a time of prayer, fellowship, singing and &045;&045; yes &045;&045; politicking. But this gathering had the feel of a rousing church service, with Siegel-man providing the sermon.

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In a way, Siegelman was preaching to the choir. More than 70 percent of voters in Dallas County voted for the Democratic slate of candidates in the last gubernatorial election.

But Siegelman knows that every vote is important. That’s why he spoke to a room with around a hundred of his supporters who are already giving him their vote.

Siegelman talked about his goals for the state, including bringing up the once-thought dead lottery issue that has made a comeback during his campaign.

He said that not having enough education funding is a severe drawback to areas like the Black Belt and Dallas County. He added that every child should have the right to reach their &uot;God-given potential.&uot;

Adults, he said, have a responsibility to make sure that children are provided with a good education.

Mayor James Perkins Jr. was one of Siegelman’s most enthusiastic supporters at the event. He said that voting for Siegelman would help the county immensely, since he has done a lot of work for the Black Belt.

Perkins praised Siegelman for bringing much-needed industry, such as Hyundai, to the area., as well as being inclusive toward blacks and women and having a strong education and health platform.

The other candidates did not speak for very long due to time constraints, but urged supporters to vote for the entire Democratic ticket.

The tour will take the candidates around the state to speak in different areas in the countdown leading up to the elections Nov. 5.