Armistead is choice for Lt. Governor

Published 12:00 am Sunday, October 20, 2002

Alabama voters can make a solid choice for lieutenant governor by selecting Bill Armistead on Nov. 5.

Armistead’s work in the state has been valuable to Alabama. When he served as chief economic advisor for Alabama, Armistead helped lure thousands of jobs to the state in the late 1980s and early ’90s.

He favors reducing regulations that hamper business and he favors legislation that helps small business. The creation and support of business is key to Alabama’s future and the Black Belt’s future. We believe Armistead can help Alabama further grow its economic base.

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Armistead has received endorsements from key Alabama business groups, including the state’s largest small business organization, the NFIB, the Alabama Association of Realtors, and the Alabama Farmers Federation.

The power of the lieutenant governor’s position is not what it once was. Much of the position’s power has been diluted, but the lieutenant governor still presides over debates in the Senate. If elected, Amistead will have to deal with this diminished role and try and re-grow the position’s influence.

As an experienced state senator, Armistead can use his contacts and influence to accomplish this.

Armistead is clear on his values and beliefs and we particularly like where he stands on family issues. He believes in legislation that nurtures and protects the family.

He wrote the Community Notification Act that requires convicted sex offenders to register with law enforcement and police then notify families when an offender moves into a neighborhood. He also wrote the Internet Predator Act. Both pieces of legislation were progressive and timely.

Bill Armistead has a record for building business in our state and he supports legislation that makes life better for Alabama families.

For these reasons, we support Armistead as Alabama’s next lieutenant governor.