Looking toward playoffs

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Well we’re in week eight of the football season, and things have looked good for some teams, and not so good for others.

We know of at least four area teams that are playoff bound, and a couple of others are on the bubble.

Morgan Academy is second in their region with, and they get ready to play Monroe on Friday night who is the only one ranked above Morgan. This game could play a bearing in whether or not Morgan has home field advantage for the playoffs. Whether the Senators win or lose they still have the inside track for the playoffs.

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Central Christian Academy has only one loss at this point, and that was not in their class so it does not count. They are playoff bound, and there is not a whole lot out there to get in their way. They are playing for home field advantage at this point, and without any major problems should be in great shape when playoff time rolls around.

Wilcox Academy has one loss, but it was a region game and it counted against them. They are still in good shape for the year though they have three games to go including this week, and should make the playoffs without a problem if things hold out for them like they have been going.

Last but not least there is Dallas County. The Hornets are in great shape they are undefeated, and the outlook is very bright. They have one major regular season obstacle standing in their way. They play Dempolis next Friday night, and both are undefeated at this point, and are playing great ball. If the Hornets can get by Demopolis they will probably finish the season undefeated, and be a favorite going into the playoffs.

There are a few teams that have an outside chance at making the playoffs.

The Southside Panthers are 2-3 in the region, and if they win out their region games they will have a shot. Selma High is 1-2 in region play, and they have aways to go to make the playoffs. Wilcox Central is 3-2 in region play with two region games left, and with a little luck they will be where they need to be at the end of the year. Francis Marion is 2-3

with two region games to go, and they will have to play some good football to make the playoffs.