Courthouse to get new phone system

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 15, 2002

In comparison to the Selma City Council meeting, the Dallas County Commis-sion meeting Monday afternoon was quiet and empty.

The biggest thing to pass the Commission were the series of measures taken to replace the aging phone system that is in the county courthouse and annex.

The current system, maintained by Bellsouth, is falling apart. The plastic phone wires are deteriorating and causing problems, such as wire crossing and increased static on the lines.

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The county also currently pays $10,000 a month for phone service.

The Commission made the decision to renegotiate the contract and create an in-house switchboard, which would enable the courthouse’s phone system to undergo a major overhaul and change the amount of the phone bill monthly.

The cost to the taxpayer after all is said and done?

Instead of $10,000 per month, the phone system will only be $4,000.

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