American Candy ‘days to weeks’ from opening

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 8, 2002

The re-opening of the wax division of the old American Candy Company plant is only a matter of &uot;days to weeks&uot; away, a spokeswoman for the new owners says.

The Canadian-based Concord’s purchase of the wax division was approved by a federal bankruptcy court judge last month. An expedited closing of the sale is expected.

Concord plans to continue operations for the wax candy division here in Selma. A core management group will continue on to oversee the plant and plans are to bring back a majority of the production workers as well.

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Nykoliation said she wasn’t sure at this point how many shifts will be required when the plant re-opens or how many personnel will be rehired.

She added that plans are for the wax production facility to be producing at full capacity within the next few weeks. Until the supply pipeline refills, orders are expected to be larger than normal for awhile.

Concord is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of bubble gum and the maker of Dubble Bubble, the world’s first bubble gum brand. Nykoliation said that while Dubble Bubble won’t be produced in Selma, the company does anticipate introducing several new lines of candy here.