Funding needed to fight increase in mosquitoes

Published 12:00 am Sunday, October 6, 2002

Dallas County has seen larger than normal populations for mosquitoes this year than in past years. It is a fact that Dallas County Director of Vector Control Larry Friday said may increase county funding to help fight the problem.

Friday said that currently there is one truck used by the county to help fight mosquitoes throughout the area.

He added that with the mosquito problem being as bad as it was this year, the county may decide to acquire another spray truck during the next mosquito season to help combat the problem.

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Currently, Friday said the county has a $11,700 budget for mosquito control. He said that amount could be doubled next year if the county decides to acquire new equipment.

Friday said the county sprays throughout the county area, concentrating on what is known as &uot;hot spots.&uot;

He added that besides spraying, the county also uses what is known as larvaecide to help destroy mosquito larvae that are found in standing water.

The City of Selma has also increased spraying this past year, spraying on a daily basis throughout all areas of the city, said Selma City Public Works Director Tommy Smith.

Smith added that last year, the city only sprayed on request in certain areas.

Smith said the city especially tries to spray in areas where there is a large amount of standing water.

Smith said the city has budgeted $45,000 to fight mosquitoes this mosquito season.

Friday said he hopes temperatures will lower within the next few months, reducing the mosquito population and giving residents some much needed relief from the dangers of the West Nile virus.