Globe facessuit

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 4, 2002

Company faces claims of race discrimination

By Sajit Abraham / Selma Times – Journal

Allegations of discrimination and a hostile work environment have surfaced at the Globe Metallurgical Inc. plant in Selma.

Forty-eight African American workers filed suit Thursday against Globe Metallurgical in Dallas County Circuit Court, said Montgomery Attorney Julian McPhillips, who will be representing the workers.

The complaint alleges that Globe has &uot;systematically and intentionally discriminated against [the workers] because of their race and caused them to work in a hostile racial work environment.&uot;

McPhillips said the suit was filed after the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission determined that &uot;allegations of harassment and discriminatory practices based upon race&uot; were true.

According to a press release issued by McPhillips, Shinbaum and Gill L. L. P., &uot;the plaintiffs claim that, while they had work experience ranging from 10 years to 38 years, Globe has consistently refused to consider them, as African Americans, for promotion to supervisory, management or foreman positions, while nonetheless hiring and promoting less experienced and less qualified workers.&uot;

The press release further states &uot;that the straw that broke the camels back&uot; was when a white employee with the company was promoted to supervisor by Globe management.