Man goes on high-speed chase

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 2, 2002

Picture it &045;&045; a man running down the street during daylight hours, several citizens in hot pursuit, and then comes the police, arresting the suspect, putting him in jail.

No, it’s not a scene out of a movie or even a prime time television show. It ‘s real. And it happened in Selma on Broad Street Monday morning &045;&045; a day that local resident Fred Striedieck says he will never forget.

Striedieck said it all began 10 days earlier when construction workers in the area noticed two black males attempting to break into a local business on Broad Street by kicking the door down.

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Striedieck said when construction workers noticed the two males, they apparently then fled from the scene.

According to police reports, Swift Drugs, also located on Broad Street, then reported another break-in that occurred at their business on Sunday, with the suspects apparently &uot;kicking in the door&uot; and then stealing several items from the business.

Striedieck, who owns Striedieck Construction in Selma, said he was asked by business owner Buddy Swift to come and repair the door at Swift’s business.

Striedieck, who was at Swift’s business Monday morning, then described the unusual chain of events that occurred that morning.

First, said Striedieck, a construction worker, who was working in an alleyway between Broad and Lauderdale Streets, noticed some items, which he said looked like stolen merchandise.

Striedieck said the construction worker then came to Swift’s business to tell them about the merchandise. Police, he said, were then contacted.

Striedieck said he then went out into the alleyway to check the merchandise. During that time, Striedieck said he then saw a black male walking through the alleyway, possibly coming back, he thought, for the stolen merchandise.

Several friends of Striedieck, along with some of the construction workers, weren’t about to give up that easily, he said, and began pursuing the subject in their vehicles in a chase down Broad Street.

Striedieck was a passenger in one of the vehicles.

Eventually, police, who arrived at the scene shortly after, apprehended the suspect, along with another juvenile who was with him, said Selma Police spokesman Lt. David Evans.

For Striedieck, besides an exciting chase, and a lot of &uot;craziness,&uot; the day proved to be something much greater.

Swift also praised police.

Evans said the suspects arrested, including, David Burns III, 19, who lives in the 2100 block of Elkdale, and the juvenile, whose name could not be released by police, may also be responsible for several other residential burglaries that have occurred in Selma.