7 caught with load of drugs

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 23, 2002

Seven men were arrested Wednesday evening at a Selmont-based barber shop/car wash establishment after the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant.

As indicated by Sheriff Harris Huffman, officers entered into the place of business, where approximately 20 males stood inside, and found crack/cocaine with a street value of $500, marijuana worth $100 and firearms on the floor. Since no officer witnessed those who possessed the drugs and weapons, it was confiscated. This was the third time that police produced and executed a search warrant at that particular business, finding drugs and guns.

Following a background check on each individual present, and arrests were made on the basis of officers found.

Those arrested include:

Norman Parker, 28, of 171 County

Road 947 in Marion Junction

All men were arrested for different reasons, and taken to the Dallas County Jail where some made bond and others still remain.