More west Selma residents report rash of break-ins

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Thieves have drifted into west Selma &045; that’s the latest report from residents in the area, who have all reported being burglarized for the past week.

It all began Tuesday morning of last week when local resident Ray Hogg awoke to the sound of a vehicle blaring outside his residence. Hogg, after walking outside, saw a man trying to steal his ATV, attempting to place it on a trailer attached to a truck.

Hogg ran after the man, who was driving the vehicle, causing the ATV to fall from the trailer and land near a residence located opposite Hogg’s residence.

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It seems the thieves are not through yet.

Friday night, residents of west Selma said thieves, once again, descended on several homes.

The victims, this time, included several residents who live in the Crown Ridge subdivision and the Castlewood subdivision, where thefts also occurred on Tuesday.

Lane Brackin, a resident who lives in the Crown Ridge subdivision, said thieves broke into his car Friday night and stole some change and other items from his vehicle.

Brackin, after discovering the crime, noted something slightly odd, however.

After searching the area, he said he found several footprints that were left in the mud close by &045; footprints that appeared to show that the suspect had walked barefoot that night.

The same night, next door neighbor Becky Youngblood also reported that her vehicle had been broken into, and so did Cathy Henry, who lives in Castlewood.

Youngblood said that even though she still feels safe living in west Selma, an area of Selma that residents say is normally free of crime, she said she hoped to see more police in the area.

Selma Police spokesperson Warren Hinson said police &uot;are currently aware of the latest crimes in west Selma,&uot; and are taking necessary steps to ensure that residents homes are protected.

Will Pearce, another resident in the area, said he is taking precautions to ensure that his valuables are not stolen.