Bond hiked for accused BK robbers

Published 12:00 am Sunday, August 18, 2002

A Dallas County circuit judge has overruled another judge’s opinion in a case that has garnered city-wide attention.

Circuit Judge Jack Meigs has increased the bond of two men accused of robbing Burger King on Dallas Avenue.

Judge Nathaniel Walker initially set bond for Kelvin Ellis at $15,000. Meigs increased that bond to $50,000. Kelvin Ellis is accused of pointing a gun at a Burger King employee’s head, and for being the pointman in the robbery.

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Meanwhile, Andrae Ellis had his bond changed from $10,000 to $25,000. He is accused of driving the getaway car during the July 27 robbery of Burger King.

On Thursday, both Kelvin and Andrae Ellis were indicted for the crime. They have remained in the Dallas County Jail since their arrest on July 27.

According to Greene, the defendants are likely to be arraigned in the next 30 days and will face trial in the next 90 days.

Because of that, the state has a couple of options for prosecuting the case.

Greene also said an attempted murder charge could be pursued against Kelvin Ellis, but that pursuit would be redundant with other charges.

On the night of the robbery, employees at Burger King said a man entered the Dallas Avenue business screaming.

Kelvin Ellis, the man accused of being the one who rushed the business, then allegedly told all people inside the restaurant to lay on the floor.

The robber then emptied the store of its cash. According to Darrie Pettway, the robber pointed a gun at his head and then pulled the trigger.

According to Greene, attorneys for both Kelvin and Andrae Ellis can now ask for a bond hearing.