Parents must resolve to help in education

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Dallas County schools are back in session today and administrators and teachers are optimistic about the new year.

Board member Cecil Williamson said last year was one of the best ever for the school system. He pointed to 50 new employees and 20 new buses for the 2002-2003 year as further progress for the county schools. Board member William Minor told school personnel at a meeting this week that the board may not always make the most popular decisions, but the board is dedicated to making the right decisions.

The work of the school board, administrators, and teachers is important. They set the tone for the school year and what can be accomplished.

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But it is the parents and students who ultimately decide what kind of year 2002-2003 will be. With another school year comes another opportunity to remind those involved in our schools that many small parts make up the whole and those small parts consist primarily of parent and teachers.

Parents must support the county school system for it to be successful. This support isn’t necessarily monetary support but support through volunteerism and the teaching of fundamental study habits at home.

Parents influence students more so than any other element. A dedicated and inspired teacher can lift a student.

Parents who take the time to visit with a teacher and insist that homework is done to acceptable standards can take a child to the moon.

No parent should criticize or lose faith in a school system until that parent has taken the time to get involved in their child’s education. When parents connect into the educational system, so much is learned.

With school starting today for Dallas County and starting at other systems in the next few weeks, we ask that all parents dedicate themselves to making this the best school year ever for their child.