Litter vacuums ready to sweep Selma streets clean

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 10, 2002

It’s something that will leave Selma’s streets clean and “rubbish free,” said city officials.

Through a lease agreement, the City of Selma recently acquired four litter vacuum machines at a cost of $102,000 from the Tennant Company, a company based in Minneapolis, Minn..

Selma Mayor James Perkins, who along with other city workers received instructions on how to operate the machines from company personnel on Tuesday, said the machines were acquired as part of the City of Selma Operations Clean-Up Program.

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The program, he said, which is still in the process of being developed, was created by the city to encourage the citizens of Selma to keep Selma’s streets litter-free.

The machines, added Perkins, would be operated by what the city has termed “Operation Clean Up Ambassadors,” a group of individuals, operating the machines, who are responsible for keeping each of Selma’s districts clean.

Perkins noted that “Ambassadors” that keep their districts clean will receive special recognition by having their name and picture printed in the city’s newsletter.

Three of the machines, he said, will be used by the general services department, while the fourth machine will be used by the parks and recreation department.

“This is just a positive step forward,”

Perkins said, “and it is something that will greatly improve our city overall.”