Spirituality brings sense of comfort

Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 16, 2002

How far away Sept. 11, 2001, seems today. How far away does the Sunday morning melee to the family van seem. How far away does the idea that keeping a sense of spirituality brings comfort to a needy nation — a needy Selma.

Today, the Times-Journal has taken an in-depth look at churches in Selma and how pastors of those churches feel about our spiritual health. In a phrase, most feel spirituality has declined.

Whether or not people in Selma feel the need to attend church on a Sunday morning obviously is a personal choice. But for a town that pleads for peace in a time when peace seems so far away, we’d like to offer our perspective on the role of faith in Selma.

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In the past week, we’ve heard of car thefts, arson, rape and back-biting comments. We’ve heard city officials plea for help to solve crimes and we’ve watched citizens bicker (even over their very own faith).

The role of spirituality and faith in a community is just as important as any other function we do together. The principles taught in any faith bring people closer together, not further apart.

Compare that to the other functions we as a community participate it. We attend ball games, city council meetings, school events and performing arts. No matter how you stack up the events found in Dallas County, we feel there is nothing more important than having a community that worships together.

Remember Sept. 11? Remember the attitude of this community, and the attitude of communities all over this nation after the tragic events of that day?

It was predicted then, and has held true today: America, Dallas County included, has forgotten that sense of spiritual need felt nine months ago.

There is irony to the way we have moved back away from our faith-based needs. In Dallas County, we face struggles today that have only grown worse. Many of our young people reject motivation and rather walk the streets in a sense of desperation. Many parents refuse to raise their children with any sense of moral decency.

Our court dockets are full, yet our sanctuaries are empty.

Dallas County could stand to spend a Sunday morning in the pew. No, terrorists haven’t attacked in the past nine months, but why should we wait for that?

Keeping a spiritual health is as important as any other function we do as a community. We urge citizens to view faith as a necessity, not a luxury. Our freedom to worship is what has made America the greatest nation on earth.