Voting is backbone of society, use it

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 4, 2002

Today is an election day.

This is one of the most precious days we can experience as Americans. The right to vote and the power that comes with casting a vote should be taken seriously.

Voting is the backbone of a Democratic and free society. While some elections are bigger than others, no election is insignificant.

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What we face tomorrow is a primary election where political parties pick their candidates to face off against each other in the main November election. It is important that the parties field their best possible candidates. In order to do so, voters need to turnout and cast their votes.

In some cases, the primaries today will decide the overall winners. For example, in the race for sheriff in Dallas County, the vote tomorrow will more than likely decide who is the next sheriff – barring a run-off – since there is no Republican candidate.

That is all the more reason we should vote tomorrow. Primary elections are important and there is no reason why you should not make an effort to vote.

When American airliners crashed into the World Trade Center towers, it was a blow to Democratic values and an attack on our way a life. Since that event, the United States has seen a rise in patriotism and we are more curious about what our elected representatives are doing.

We hope today that Alabamians take that patriotism to the polls. The sight of the burning World Trade Towers was horrifying. Yet voter apathy, with its persistent and quiet erosion of our spirit, is just as frightening and dangerous.

The election process in the United States is still the best the world has to offer. The way we keep it that way is to use the system and appreciate what it does for us.

Get out and vote today.