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Former administrator stresses safety

Dear editor, School bus safety is essential. The month of August is quickly approaching. This signals the state school tax holiday, and the beginning of ... Read more

Riley asks for help with school supply donations

Dear editor, One of the most important components of successful crime prevention is education, so with that in mind, the City of Selma Police Department ... Read more

Legislation has some people disfranchised

The results of major events have reformed our society.  A civil war can be defined as a war between different sections or factions of the ... Read more

Naming school for Boynton would be an honor

Dear editor, This letter is in response to Mr. Elton Ralston’s comments in his letter to the Times-Journal on Tuesday, May 27. Mr. Ralston, were ... Read more

Reader supports honoring Boynton another way

Dear Editor, Regarding the issue of renaming part of Lapsley Street for Mrs. Amelia Boynton, I did not attend the meeting because I now live ... Read more