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Alligator will hopefully mean tourists, attention on outdoor sports

The world-record Stokes alligator has been the talk of the state for quite some time, but now those in Selma have a chance to see ... Read more

Supreme court justices speaking for entire nation

The Supreme Court has spoken, at least five of the nine justices have imposed their will on 320,000,000 people. In a five to four decision, ... Read more

Newest batch of 20-under-40 selections are making a difference in the Queen City

There’s a misconception in Selma that young people are leaving town in droves, but that couldn’t be more than the truth. Actually, there are dozens ... Read more

LLWS star, team show how touring is done

It’s always quite a sight to see the groups of people and tour buses that make a stop at the Edmund Pettus Bridge each day. ... Read more

Testing best way to lower HIV rates in county

An Auburn University Montgomery research group released a study in 2014 that showed a decline of HIV/AIDS diagnoses statewide but, unfortunately, an increase in Dallas ... Read more

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Free smartphones — sorta

The New York Times reports American Eagle Outfitters is offering free smart phones to anyone who tries on a pair of jeans between July 21 ... Read more

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Letter says best is yet to come in Selma

I love this city. Homegrown in a city that is known worldwide. The greatest gift we could ever offer to the world is simply love. Read more