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Stay patient during jubilee

Selma will be the center of attention next week, as thousands of people converge on the Queen City to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the ... Read more

Discernment three step process for everyone

Have you noticed that life seems to be much more complicated these days? We are bombarded with options. Making decisions surely causes brain ... Read more

City needs to clean up trash before March events

As the city prepares for one of the biggest events in its history  — the 50th anniversary Bridge Crossing Jubilee — different community members are ... Read more

Career fair opens eyes to middle school students

Giving middle school students an opportunity to speak with representatives and look at brochures from different local colleges and businesses can make a huge impact ... Read more

Honor the sacrifice of so many by voting

There’s always traffic on the Edmund Pettus Bridge. In the rare moment when cars aren’t lined up at the red light at the intersection of ... Read more

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Free smartphones — sorta

The New York Times reports American Eagle Outfitters is offering free smart phones to anyone who tries on a pair of jeans between July 21 ... Read more

Letters to the Editor

Article misses main story of “Selma” film

Dear editor, I have read Cecil Williamson’s opinion piece about the movie “Selma.” This letter responds to his observations about the movie. William’s article focuses ... Read more