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There’s work to be done

It has gotten to the point where we need to begin paying attention to our area’s unemployment figures or ignore them all together. Read more

School year brings buzz, changes

The start of the 2014-2015 school year is only a few, short weeks away for elementary middle and high school students and with it comes ... Read more

Volunteers make the YMCA an asset to Selma, Dallas County

By Ann Murray A beautiful thick row of zinnias lines my driveway. Their colorful blooms dance with the breeze even in the scorching summer heat. They ... Read more

Accelerator making strides for economy

Big business announcements aren’t easy to secure, but, when announced can be huge for an economy. Small businesses, or start-ups, are slightly less enticing, because ... Read more

Republicans not improving Alabama

Last week, Republican legislators shot down Governor Bentley’s plan to explore new revenue streams for the state of Alabama. The legislative leadership emphatically rejected the ... Read more

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  10. Wedding stress will be worth it in November
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Free smartphones — sorta

The New York Times reports American Eagle Outfitters is offering free smart phones to anyone who tries on a pair of jeans between July 21 ... Read more

Letters to the Editor

Former administrator stresses safety

Dear editor, School bus safety is essential. The month of August is quickly approaching. This signals the state school tax holiday, and the beginning of ... Read more