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Hubbert was a giant for the state of Alabama

A Giant lived among us. He has now transitioned to a fully spiritual state. Even in this spiritual state, he is still a Giant. I ... Read more

The Lord will always welcome you back

One of my grandsons pulled out a folded map from a seat pocket in my car. Read more

We should embrace positivity in Selma area

It’s been unexpectedly significant for me to know this queen city, where hospitality and good people abound. Let’s support these people that keep Selma’s little ... Read more

We shouldn’t give up on our troubled young people

I didn’t have a column last week, because I was in prison — I guess that deserves an explanation. For a year now, I’ve been involved ... Read more

New chess club will supply vital life lessons

What may seem like a simple game of chess to some will prove to be much more to Meadowview Elementary students. The new chess club, ... Read more