Selma organization serves around the world

Published 9:26pm Tuesday, July 15, 2014

It is natural for us to look around Selma and Dallas County and think of all the things that need fixing here.

We often bemoan the historic buildings in need of love and affection.

We long to offer a good night sleep to those who are homeless and a good, healthy meal to those who long for something to eat.

Thankfully, with the incredibly strong faith community in Selma and Dallas County, those who often are in need of help have plenty of options.

While there are plenty of organizations doing great work here at home, there is another organization doing great work clear across the globe.

Integrity Worldwide — a Selma-based organization we have featured many times — is expanding their mission in rural Africa, stretching their mission work to the areas around Meto, Kenya,

Thanks to the tremendous support of the Selma community, this Christian organization has touched thousands of lives in that region over the years.

They have built wells, schools, clinics and more.

Those who have gone on Integrity Worldwide missions have expanded education programs, served lunches to school children and provided invaluable medical services.

Is there need here at home? Yes. But there is a huge need across the world, and we’re tremendously proud an organizaiton that calls Selma home is helping meet the need.

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