County unveils unpaid tax lists

Published 9:03pm Tuesday, April 15, 2014

About 200 Dallas County property owners still have outstanding property taxes, according to Dallas County Tax Collector Tammy Jones King.

The original deadline to pay county property taxes was Dec. 31, 2013. King said her office sent out several notifications of the tax deadline, including letters in October, January and late February. Approximately $45,000 taxes are now considered delinquent, King said.

“At the end of January we also print out a list of delinquent taxpayer and split that among the staff, so we can notify them before it gets to the certified letter stage,” King said. “We try to get to them before a certified letter is sent out. We don’t want anyone to lost their property if we can help.”

Now several months late, property taxes are being advertised in the Times-Journal. King said an additional $302.50 would be added to each person property taxes. The additional fee will go directly toward paying advertising expenses she said.

Tax charges are split between several agencies, including state and county governments and local school systems.

If taxes aren’t paid by May 16 at 10 a.m., King said any unpaid property would be auctioned at a tax sale.

Payments can be made in person, online, or via a 1-800 number. King said personal checks are no longer accepted, once taxes are delinquent.

After the tax sale, Dallas County residents still have two chances to reclaim their before its auction is finalized, King said.

“If their property was auctioned off, they still have five days to pay [taxes] before it is confirmed,” King said. “After that, they can still reclaim [property] within three years through a redemption process, but they will be charged interest.”

King said the approximately 200 unpaid property taxes isn’t an exorbitant amount, as approximately 100 parcels of land are sold, per year, because of delinquent property taxes.

“Majority of people know that this is happening at this point,” King said. “Unfortunately some just forget to pay or let it slide.”

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