Upcoming events could further snarl traffic around Dallas Avenue Bridge project

Published 6:00pm Monday, April 14, 2014

Worrying about the Dallas Avenue bridge construction won’t get it finished any faster.

Neither will cursing the driver in front of you or the one in front of them.

Trust us. We’ve tried.

With the May 1 scheduled completion date rapidly approaching, it may soon be time celebrate, but several upcoming events will add additional traffic to the city’s current driving pattern regardless of if the project is finished on time or not.

The Alabama Independent School Association State track and field meet is schedule to take place April 16 and 17 at Memorial stadium, and the Battle of Selma will take place next door April 24 through 27.

The Alabama High School Athletic Association 1A and 3A track meet will take place at Memorial Stadium the first week of May.

Late last week, ALDOT district manager Rex Thompson said the work is still on schedule to meet the May 1 deadline, and we hope that’s the case.

Regarding the topic of the project’s completion, we’ll cross that bridge when the time is right.

But for now, we can only ask everyone to be extra careful these next few weeks when driving across town.

With so many great events coming up, Selma’s roads are sure to be busier than usual, and so we’ll all need to be even more patient.

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