Crossing guards keep kids safe, rarely thanked

Published 9:10pm Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It is a service that far too often goes unappreciated. It is a service that far too often is criticized, chastised and, dangerously, ignored.

The efforts of the crossing guards who work the many school zones within the city of Selma and Dallas County perform a thankless job. They are often the ones who catch the wrath of drivers they are trying to direct to slow down, or those who are the first to be stopped to allow children to cross.

Very rarely have we taken the time to thank them for getting up early, braving the elements, dodging cars and dealing with parents. At times, hazard pay should be considered.

Recently, members of the Selma City Council, led by the efforts of the Selma/Dallas Youth Ambassadors, led by Ward 7 Selma City Councilwoman Bennie Ruth Crenshaw, worked to show our crossing guards just how much their years are appreciated by children and parents alike.

A few of our area schools kicked off their school years this week and the rest will follow suit next week. It is important we remember to take it easy — and slow — in the school zones throughout the area.

There is little doubt, officers with the Selma Police Department, deputies with the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department and troopers with the Alabama State Troopers will be out in force over the coming days and weeks and the school zones will be on the top of their “must watch” list.

Pay attention to the speed limit and pay attention to those crossing guards working the early morning and afternoon shifts.

Their service to our community — specifically our children — is beyond measure.

It is also important to remember to not text and drive. Drivers should be directly focused on the road ahead of them during these school months while children are walking to school early each morning, sometimes when it is still dark.

It may even be a great idea to buy our crossing guards coffee and breakfast on those early mornings to show appreciation for all they do for the children headed to school.

Slow down this morning.

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