City needs more opportunities for residents to voice opinions

Published 7:31pm Thursday, July 18, 2013

While many city meetings may last hours and end with no real progress, we commend the Selma City Council for hosting a successful town meeting Wednesday night.

Allowing residents to openly voice their opinion on the subjects that matter shows that our city leaders care about the community, and how they feel about city government. Having an open dialogue with residents not only promotes unity between the community and the city council, but it also builds trust — something that is crucial to having a cohesive city. We commend the council for taking the initiative to hold the town meeting, and encourage them to afford more opportunities like this to the community.

All issues discussed in the meeting were important, and were ones that can be addresses and dealt with by the city. Events like this demonstrate that as a city, we have the capability to come together for a common cause — to better our community through group action.

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