Perry County commissioner may be tied to altercation

Published 11:45pm Friday, July 12, 2013

Perry County Commission member Brett Harrison was allegedly involved in a physical altercation with a young female Wednesday, resulting in him being questioned by the Marion Police Department.

Chief of Marion Police Carlton Hogue identified the female as 22-year-old Kentory Smith. Hogue said after arriving at the scene, Harrison was brought to the Marion Police Department for questioning, but was not arrested.

“At this point our magistrate is looking at both sides of the story and has set a probable cause hearing for Aug. 8 at 4 p.m. in our municipal court,” Hogue said. “It will be determined by the judge if there is probable cause to proceed [with the case].”

Perry County Magistrate Kristi Milner will hear the case.

According to Smith’s sister, Ruthie Smith, the incident stemmed from an argument Smith was having with her boyfriend. After some time, Smith’s boyfriend called Harrison, who is also his employer at Harrison Automotive, to the scene.

“He called the commissioner, which is his boss, to the scene of what was going on,” Ruthie said. “He [Harrison] then put my sister in a choke hold, threw her in a ditch, jumped on top of her and put his knees on her.”

After the altercation, Hogue said Smith went to hospital, as she is five months pregnant, but was sent home with no serious injuries.

“This altercation happened, I know that,” Hogue said. “Harrison was detained and brought to the police department for questioning after that.”

Harrison said Friday he would not comment on the events that occurred Wednesday after his attorney discouraged him from doing so. Harrison did admit, however, he did not understand what he was being accused of.

“There have been no warrants issued and I have no idea what I am being accused of and my attorney has advised me not to comment at this time,” Harrison said.

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